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Knowledge The Easy Way

Al's Class leads you to transfer knowledge

to anyone you choose.

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New knowledge to meet your needs

As well as you are prepared to teach someone else some kind of skills, be it language, math, art or talk, you are in the right place to get information to do it the easy way.

 "Knowledge The Easy Way"

Our motto says all. As you already know, there are always two ways to transfer a skill to anyone, be it a child , or an adult; the complicated way where even the instructor is left with doubts about the subject, and the easy, simple way to transfer information that anyone can understand and apply immediately.   

The way you choose may not be the way a person learns better, or the subject is too complicated to transfer, so, what do you do?

Fixed Time Membership

Our limited time membership - just 26 weeks - is the optimal length of time to guide you in your adventure into knowledge transfer.

In this time, you'll learn the most simple and understandable way to get your point across to the recipient of the skill.

Skills Builder

A skill must be made enjoyable if the student is to grasp the subject, and use it to test him/herself, if the knowledge is usable or not.

How many times a student comes home frustrated, because s/he doesn't understand the subject that even the instructor doeasn't understand and consequently cannot teach? This is why Homeschooling is necessary. To make learning enjoyable, not harder.

So, you see, you are not alone in this.

Time Proven Techniques

In the short time of your membership you will be exposed to proven techniques being used in different parts of the world.

They do the job, where there are not many of the fancy instruments used here.

If they work with limited resources, they will work for you that have all the resources at hand.

Memberships are limited to 1,000 members, once the limit is reached, it will close till the time is over.

Start now, otherwise, you'll be missing a semester and you know, time is not coming back.


Homeschooling: Knowledge The Easy Way

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